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First off, thanks for dropping by to check out the show.  I want to share with you why this podcast exists.  Simply put –

The Next Year Now Podcast is based on the belief that everyday, purposeful habits and practices are vital for you to thrive at work and in life.”

Each week, I interview some of the brightest and most successful people, with expertise in topics like Personal Development,  Health & Well-being, Business, Productivity, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.  My goal is to help you thrive by identifying the most successful habits and practices and to share the secrets of their success.  Think of me as your virtual coach and The Next Year Now Podcast as our weekly practice session.

My hope is that you bring a strong sense of curiosity and a passionate desire to learn and improve.  If you do that for each episode, I promise you will be build habits and practices that will have you thriving at work and in life in no time!

Finally, I want to draw your attention to some important links I’d like you to be aware of.

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