Episode #20: Joshua Spodek Cracks the Leadership Code

Hear How It Can Totally Transform Your life

Today might be our most important episode ever. That’s because we’re going to talk about leadership.  Few things are as impactful in our life as good leadership – be it at work, in our personal lives, on the sports field – whatever the domain is. Good leadership has the potential to produce so much positive change that it’s impossible for us to ignore it anymore.


Our guest today is Joshua Spodek – bestselling author, podcast host, and NYU professor. We’ll be discussing leadership in detail.  Specifically, we’ll talk about what it is, how we can get better at it and the amazing impact it can have on our lives.  If you’re looking for a fool-proof way to thrive in life and at work, then you don’t want to miss this episode.

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Episode #16: Learn How To Build Your Innovation Chops

With Tyson Weinert

“From my house to the White House.” – Tyson Weinert

When my next guest, Tyson Weinert, talks about innovation – I listen.  That’s because he has a long and successful track record of teaching innovation.  He’s equipped individuals and organizations with the tools of innovation across a variety of domains.

He even had the honor of helping the first lady – Michelle Obama – using human centered design methods to help develop the Joining Forces Program led by Michelle Obama.

You may be thinking that innovation and creativity aren’t important, but think again.  The world is changing.  While Information Management defined the 20th century, Innovation Management is defining the 21st century.  It’s not enough to just be good at your job or for an organization to be good.  Innovation is becoming as important to success as any other ability or skill.

Learn how to build your own innovation chops with Human Centered Design in my conversation with Tyson.  Tyson is a human centered designer and program director for LUMA – where he and his colleagues help equip organizations and individuals with the capacity to innovate.

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Episode #15: Build Your Thriving Community With Maryland Governor Candidate Alec Ross

Our first interview of the year just might be our most important.  That’s because I speak with Alec Ross – a 2018 Maryland gubernatorial candidate, New York Times best selling author, tech entrepreneur and former senior advisor on Innovation, to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

This conversation is different from our previous interviews because we focus on community and other people.  In particular, Alec and I talk about how we can create thriving communities that are stronger … that lift each other up, and help everyone to thrive.

When we think about how we can really improve our lives to thrive, we often look inward.  That’s a real missed opportunity if we don’t look outward as well.  Other People Matter.  Just about everything good we experience in life – be it at work, in our families, at school, in sports … whatever it is, is almost always in the presence of other people.

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Episode #12: Master Burnout Prevention By Improving Your Resilience

With Paula Davis Laack

One of the biggest reasons I started this podcast was because of my own experience struggling to thrive at work and in life.  The main culprit for my unhappiness and at times, depressive symptoms in life … was my work.  Early on in my career I struggled … a lot!   I didn’t know it at the time but I was suffering from a bad case of workplace burnout with a hefty layer of stress added on top.  If you talked to my friends and colleagues at the time (and even my wife), I guarantee they would tell you how miserable I was.

If you’ve ever suffered from stress at work, or worse burnout, then I want you to pay close attention to this episode where I talk to stress and resilience expert Paula Davis-Laack.  It’s going to completely change the way you manage and balance your work, stress, and more importantly how you bounce back or push through the inevitable adversities you’ll encounter in the workplace.  It doesn’t matter whether you’ve experience a lot or a little bit of stress or burnout – there are habits and practices in this interview that will help you to thrive.

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Episode #004: Discover How You Can Crush It In Life Using Your Signature Strengths – A Conversation With Dr. Ryan Niemiec

One of the great falsehoods we’ve been led to believe in life is the idea that we must focus only on our weaknesses to succeed in life.  The need to identify and correct weaknesses shows up just about everywhere we look.  Think about the last job interview you had, I bet they asked about a weakness.  Or think about growing up playing sports – you probably had a coach telling you all the wrong ways you were swinging the bat.  In my first performance evaluation, my supervisor spent the first 50 minutes about all the things I needed to improve.

But if we really want to thrive in life – be it at work, in our personal relationships, with our well-being, in sports … anything worth doing – then we should be focusing on our strengths just as much as our weaknesses (if not more).  That’s the overwhelming take home message from the science of character strengths.

Today I speak with Dr. Ryan Niemiec about the science and application of character strengths.  We’ll uncover the best habits and practices of character strengths and discuss key insights.

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Learn The Most Effective Habits & Practices From Some Of The World’s Best Experts

I asked some of my favorite experts and thought leaders – people that are world class performers in what they do – for quick and uncommon habits and practices that we can adopt to help us thrive in life and at work every day. They really came through with some priceless wisdom and tips that will help you on day 1.

When you’re done reading, I would love to hear a quick and uncommon habit or practice from you, in the comments!

On Wellness, Health, & Fitness

Take 5 minutes each day to practice sitting completely still. This takes the meditation one step further. By committing to stillness, you’re forced to meet, be with, and find an inner grounding amidst all of the things you might typically try to move away from (e.g. an itch, low back pain, extra energy in the body). Doing this over time develops calm, resilience and confidence to meet the various discomforts that may arise.”     Cory Muscara, Long Island Center For Mindfulness
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