Episode #005: Eliminate your fear and master writing today – 7 incredible writing tips with Kathryn Britton

Do you struggle to write well … to write consistently … and to share your knowledge and stories with the world?

For a long time, I did.  Growing up, I always thought that great writing was something others did – you know, the creative eccentrics, the lone geniuses.  I struggled with procrastination when writing, I struggled with imposter syndrome, and I struggled with the fear of judgment by others.

Because of that, I spent a long time avoiding writing – whether it was writing at work, writing for school, or just writing for my own enjoyment.  It wasn’t until I went back to graduate school that I faced and conquered these fears.  Now, I do consider myself a good writer and I’m confident sharing my work with the world.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.  Eliminate your fear and master your writing!

Today I speak with Kathryn Britton about how you can integrate writing into your life and become a great writer.  We’ll discuss the most effective habits and practices of writing and provide key insights to help you improve your writing.

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Episode #004: Discover How You Can Crush It In Life Using Your Signature Strengths – A Conversation With Dr. Ryan Niemiec

One of the great falsehoods we’ve been led to believe in life is the idea that we must focus only on our weaknesses to succeed in life.  The need to identify and correct weaknesses shows up just about everywhere we look.  Think about the last job interview you had, I bet they asked about a weakness.  Or think about growing up playing sports – you probably had a coach telling you all the wrong ways you were swinging the bat.  In my first performance evaluation, my supervisor spent the first 50 minutes about all the things I needed to improve.

But if we really want to thrive in life – be it at work, in our personal relationships, with our well-being, in sports … anything worth doing – then we should be focusing on our strengths just as much as our weaknesses (if not more).  That’s the overwhelming take home message from the science of character strengths.

Today I speak with Dr. Ryan Niemiec about the science and application of character strengths.  We’ll uncover the best habits and practices of character strengths and discuss key insights.

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Learn The Most Effective Habits & Practices From Some Of The World’s Best Experts

I asked some of my favorite experts and thought leaders – people that are world class performers in what they do – for quick and uncommon habits and practices that we can adopt to help us thrive in life and at work every day. They really came through with some priceless wisdom and tips that will help you on day 1.

When you’re done reading, I would love to hear a quick and uncommon habit or practice from you, in the comments!

On Wellness, Health, & Fitness

Take 5 minutes each day to practice sitting completely still. This takes the meditation one step further. By committing to stillness, you’re forced to meet, be with, and find an inner grounding amidst all of the things you might typically try to move away from (e.g. an itch, low back pain, extra energy in the body). Doing this over time develops calm, resilience and confidence to meet the various discomforts that may arise.”     Cory Muscara, Long Island Center For Mindfulness
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Episode# 002: Want More Success? Learn How By Getting More Grit With Caroline Miller.

Do you know what the number one predictor of success is in your life?  It’s not how smart you are (IQ).  It’s not how much money you have or come from.  It’s not how talented or well liked you are.  It’s how much grit you have.

The research on grit was made famously popular by my former graduate school professor and MacArthur Genius Award winner, Angela Duckworth.  She literally wrote the book on the theory of grit.

But it’s not enough to know the theory of grit.  If you really want to learn to be more successful – get that big promotion, build a lasting relationship, become a great parent, or just get really good at something – then this episode is an absolute must for you.  Today, I speak to Caroline Miller about how we can get more grit right now, and other unique insights from her book, Getting Grit.

I encourage you to check out this latest book of hers – it’s really the best practical guide there is to the developing more grit in your life – find it here Getting Grit: The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose.

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Episode #001: Wire Your Brain For Confidence With Louisa Jewell

Growing up, I was always small for my age.  Like really small.  I was only 4’11” and 105 pounds as a freshmen in high school.  Because of that, I lacked a certain amount of confidence in my life.  I remember trying out for the basketball team and thinking there is no way I can make this team.  And this despite playing on competitive travel teams and being selected to various all-star teams.  I was good, but I just didn’t have the confidence to show it. 

That lack of confidence carried with me into my first job.  So much so that I struggled mightily for the first 3-4 years, ruminating about whether I measured up.  Eventually, I found ways to boost my confidence I did excel in my job.  But it took a long time.

If you’ve struggled with confidence, you’re still struggling with it, or maybe you just want to improve your confidence, then today’s episode is perfect for you.  Today I speak with Louisa Jewell about how her just released book, and how we can wire our brain for confidence.

I encourage you to check out her book called, Wire Your Brain for Confidence: The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt.

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