About Me

Hi, I’m Tom Heffner – podcaster, author, speaker, and innovation expert.  My goal is to help you thrive at work and in life.  I believe that every day, purposeful habits and practices are vital to this pursuit.

I do this by sharing my professional insights, and the insights of the most successful people around the world, in areas like Personal Development,  Health & Well-being, Business, Productivity, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.  I share these ideas and learning’s through my weekly podcast (The Next Year Now Podcast), blog, and speaking engagements.

Before starting The Next Year Now podcast, I spent 15 years working as an engineer, helping design complex military systems to protect US and coalition soldiers around the world.  Over the last 5 years working as a design strategist, I have worked hard to master the skills of innovation and design, to help our military services to become more innovative and creative.

I’ve learned that the same skills you need to design innovative products are the same skills you need to design a life where you thrive.  Along the way, I’ll share these with you alongside the insights, habits, and practices I learn from my podcast interviewees.

Outside of podcasting, my next favorite activity is writing.  I love to share my professional and personal insights, as well as stories, to help others.  I’ve been fortunate to have my writing published in both books and online articles.

You can find my books and online articles listed below.


Online Articles

In addition to writing, I also enjoy sharing my insights through speaking engagements and workshop facilitation.  Below is a selected list of recent speaking engagements and workshops I have given.

Selected Speaking Engagements

  • International Positive Psychology Association World Congress in Los Angeles, CA
  • Design Strategy Conference in Chicago, IL
  • Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Colloquium in Laurel, MD
  • SEAM Design Conference in Baltimore, MD
  • Association of Old Crows in Adelaide, Australia
  • International Council on Systems Engineering in Baltimore, MD

Workshop Design and Facilitation

  • Creating vision, strategy, and execution statements for organizations
  • Brainstorming and rapid prototyping of innovation spaces for engineers & scientists
  • Creating mission statements for organizations
  • Leadership development programs & concepts
  • Design Thinking 101: What is it and how to apply it
  • And many more wonderful engagements …