Episode #13: Conquer Weight Loss For Good

With Matt Wolfs

The Holidays and the New Year are upon us and we all know what that means – delicious meals and treats to pack on the pounds.  Thankfully for us, my next guest, Matt Wolfs, is a weight loss and fitness expert.  I could not think of a better person to talk to us about habits and practices that will help us lose weight and keep it off (especially during the Holidays!).

Enjoy today’s episode and be on the lookout for next week’s conversation with Darrah Wolfe, where we talk about how coaching can help us with goal setting.  And that is something almost all of us will need with New Year’s resolutions right around the corner!

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In today’s episode, Matt and I discuss:

  • The most effective habits to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body
  • Tips and insights to improve how you set and achieve goals
  • Fantastic recommendations to aid us in our personal development
  • And so many more insights and practical tools to help us!

Books Matt Recommends

The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential … in Business and in Life by Leo Babauta

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers by Tim Ferriss

Check Out These Resources Mentioned

The best place to find out more about Matt is at his website.

Free Fat Loss eCourse

The Weight Loss Podcast – hosted by Matt Wolfs and Courtney Ley

Connect with Matt on Twitter.

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