Episode #004: Discover How You Can Crush It In Life Using Your Signature Strengths – A Conversation With Dr. Ryan Niemiec

One of the great falsehoods we’ve been led to believe in life is the idea that we must focus only on our weaknesses to succeed in life.  The need to identify and correct weaknesses shows up just about everywhere we look.  Think about the last job interview you had, I bet they asked about a weakness.  Or think about growing up playing sports – you probably had a coach telling you all the wrong ways you were swinging the bat.  In my first performance evaluation, my supervisor spent the first 50 minutes about all the things I needed to improve.

But if we really want to thrive in life – be it at work, in our personal relationships, with our well-being, in sports … anything worth doing – then we should be focusing on our strengths just as much as our weaknesses (if not more).  That’s the overwhelming take home message from the science of character strengths.

Today I speak with Dr. Ryan Niemiec about the science and application of character strengths.  We’ll uncover the best habits and practices of character strengths and discuss key insights.

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In today’s episode, Ryan and I discuss:

  • How he came to focus on Character Strengths versus weaknesses
  • His most effective habits and practices for using our Signature Strengths to improve our performance at work and overall well-being
  • Book recommendations to help you thrive
  • And more things!

Ryan’s Latest Book

Character Strengths Interventions: A Field Guide For Practitioners

Other Great Books by Ryan

Positive Psychology at the Movies 2: Using Films to Build Virtues and Character Strengths

Positive Psychology at the Movies: Using Films to Build Virtues and Character Strengths

Books Ryan Recommends

The Upside Of Stress:  Why Stress Is Good For You and How To Get Good At It by Kelly McGonigal

Ryan in Action

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The best place to find out more about Ryan is at his website.

The 24 Character Strengths quick reference guide.

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Workers who were very high in using their strengths were 18 times more likely to be flourishing” – Ryan Niemiec

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